Kyösti Kakkonen becomes involved in the security business

Businessmen Kyösti and Kari Kakkonen have expanded their activity into the security field. Their company, Joensuun Kauppa ja Kone Oy, has purchased a 40% share in K2 Turvapalvelut Oy, a Jyväskylä company operating nationwide.

“There is a clear demand for security services in Finland. It’s good to have domestic companies amongst the big foreign actors in the field,” says Kyösti Kakkonen.

The other new main shareholder in K2 Turvapalvelut is Infonia Oy, a Jyväskylä-based property management company owned by Jukka Koivistoinen and Antti Malinen.

“Now we can offer our customers various services related to fields such as energy conservation and property automation, in addition to property management and security management,” says Mr Malinen, Managing Director of Infonia Oy.

K2 Turvapalvelut opens a national service centre in Jyväskylä

Known earlier as JT-Turvatekniikka Oy, K2 Turvapalvelut Oy will now expand its activity from traditional security technology to a nationwide service centre, including services such as alarm monitoring, camera surveillance and remote control of property automation.

“A key strength of K2 Turvapalvelut is the expertise of its staff. Our employees have an average of 16 years’ experience from the security field,” says Pekka Väisänen, Head of Security at K2 Turvapalvelut.

The K2 service centre has applied for a security business permit, and will start its activity as soon as this is granted. Located in Jyväskylä, the K2 service centre will function as an alarm control room that receives alarm and monitoring information from customers’ properties throughout Finland. The company’s own staff will take care of alarm calls in the Jyväskylä region. Elsewhere in Finland, a local security company will respond to the alarms.

No expensive circuit security

Besides its domestic ownership base, K2 Turvapalvelut differs from bigger security companies in not doing traditional circuit security at all.

– High-quality alarm and camera monitoring, connected to the versatile monitoring services of the service centre, has displaced traditional circuit security. It is more efficient and inexpensive, says Petri Rahikainen, the managing director of K2 Turvapalvelut.

A nationally unique service concept

A couple of years ago, the Kakkonens also became the main shareholder in Eners Oy, a company specialising in technical property maintenance and the development of maintenance systems. The cooperation of Eners and K2 Turvapalvelut is generating a nationally unique service concept.

“Conservation of energy, for instance, is a really important consideration for many companies today. With the special expertise of Eners and K2 Turvapalvelut, we can offer a nationally unique service round-the-clock every day of the year,” an enthusiastic Kyösti Kakkonen declares.

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