Light Cognitive

Big Sky lighting products by Light Cognitive are unique solutions dedicated to well-being and performance. Big Sky was born from the realization that light plays a fundamental role in personal health. Our mission is to recreate natural light in indoor spaces and help people feel better every day. Big Sky supports energization, relaxation, recovery and healthy body clock and is easy to use. Big Sky contributes towards satisfying the lighting features of the WELL Building Standard.

Derived from Nature

Big Sky light is generated with energy-efficient LEDs combined in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. Big Sky is optimized for visual beauty with infinite colors and resolution and no glare.

Supporting wellbeing

Light has a strong link to wellbeing, as it regulates our circadian cycle and our alertness. The right kind of light, timed correctly, promotes recovery and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. The main driver is the amount of biologically effective blue light, the color we see in the blue sky. It is recommended to have bright blue-enriched light in the mornings and during the day, while the morning hours are the most important. In the evening we should avoid blue light a few hours before sleep and warm white light is recommended. Big Sky lighting is tunable.

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