The Kakkonen group founded Tokmanni, the largest chain of discount stores in Finland.

The parent company of the group, Kakkonen-Yhtiöt Oy (formerly Okman Oy) was registered in November 1989 with discount retailing as its main field. This was the start of Tokmanni, founded by Kyösti and Kari Kakkonen. Today it is by far the largest chain of discount stores in Finland. Between 1989 and 2009, Tokmanni purchased or founded a total of 138 stores. By 2009 Tokmanni employed approximately 2,700 people, and its turnover grew to 601 million euros. The Kakkonen group was a major shareholder in Tokmanni until July 2012, when 100% of the company was sold to equity investor Nordic Capital.

The structure of several companies in the Kakkonen group emerged from the purchase of various discount retailers and properties. The Kakkonen group builds and rents out business premises. The group invests in business premises, residential buildings, investment funds and publicly traded stocks. It also has significant investments in company shareholdings. In addition to Kyösti and Kari Kakkonen, Kakkonen-Yhtiöt Oy employs four people. The company produces administrative services for the group companies and their affiliated companies.